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Quick Personnel is a human resources software solution for HR professionals and Human Resources Teams. Its a fast and efficient way to store information securely for your Employees, Staff and Personnel. There is no limit to the amount of Companies that you can have and each Company can have unlimited Employees, Staff and Personnel.
Quick Personnel is a Multi User System with a detailed security model that lets you restrict User access to any part of the system and/or Employee, Staff and Personnel.
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Product Details Overview.

Our Quick Personnel software can be broken down in to several key areas.

Jump To Employee Management Top Employee Management.

Within the Quick Personnel software you can store many details about your Employees. Theres a whole host of information that you can track. Full Name, Address, Date Of Birth, Attendance, Absenteeism, Discipline, Contact, Next of Kin, Salary, Appraisals and Photo to name a few

The Main Employee, Staff and Personnel Management Screen with everything in one place.

HR Solution Employee Management and personnel management main screen and main area to edit employee and personnel details

Using the list on the right hand side all Employees, Staff and Personnel can be accessed from this screen. That means no having to switch between screens.

General Details:

With Quick Personnel you can store and track multiple Next Of Kin details, Salary details, Job descriptions, Appraisal history. Track Correspondence that can be attached and viewed at anytime. There are also 8 User Definable fields that can be used to hold details unique to your Business

HR Personnel Solutions Jump back from Employee personnel staff attendance and absenteeism. Shows Employee holiday Employee Illness Employee Lateness Attendance and Absenteeism:

Quick Personnel allows you to keep track of Holidays, Bank Holidays Absenteeism (Lateness and Illness), Training and Other. Along with the 8 user definable Attendance categories you will find our attendance system very flexible.
Again everything you need is on one screen and with a full yearly view of all Attendance and Absenteeism along with notes for each entry we feel you will have everything that you need.

The Main Time and Attendance and Absenteeism Screen.
Track Employee, Staff and Personnel Holiday, Lateness, Illness, Training and more.

HR Personnel Solutions Employee personnel staff attendance and absenteeism. Shows Employee holiday Employee Illness Employee Lateness Bradford factor

The graphical view shows in one single view all of the Employees Attendance and allows you to manage it from here

Jump To Employee Management Top Company Management:

Quick Personnel allows you store details for an unlimited amount of Companies. Each Company can have an unlimited amount of Employees/Staff Members.
The main areas of the Company management Screen are set out so you have everything that you need to Manage your Companies all in one place.

The Main Company Management Screen with everything in one place.

You can have unlimited Companies and each Company can have unlimited Employees, Staff and Personnel.

Jump To Employee Management Top User Management and Security:

You can restrict Users from accessing certain parts of Quick Personnel or simply make that area View only.
You can restrict a User from seeing certain Employee, Staff and Personnel details, keeping Managers and Directors details completely secure. We use this system for every area of Quick Personnel making it easy to lock any thing that you wish.

The User Management and Security Screen.


You can Add, Edit and Remove Users and also set acces to Employees and the Personnel Software itself.

Jump To Employee Management Top Reports and Exports:

Quick Personnel has a whole range of useful reports. You can report on individual Employees, a selection of Employees or every Employee. As you would expect you can filter your selection of Employees for Company, Department, Area etc. The reports also include Holiday Request Forms, a Confirmation report for when the details of an Employee have changed and you want them to confirm that the information is correct. There is also a detailed Attendance report that also includes a summary page that show the Totals for each Attendance Category that you select.
Along with the reports we also have a very comprehensive export module that allows you to export Employee details and Attendance to Excel, CSV or an Access Database.

Quick Personnel Reports are all viewed from within the software.

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Jump To Employee Management Top System Configuration and Settings:

There are several ways to customise Quick Personnel.

  1. There are 8 User Definable Data Fields that can be used to store any data types.
  2. There are 8 User Definable Attendance Categories that can be changed to suit your Businesses needs.
  3. Almost every caption can be changed to something more appropriate to your Business.
  4. Attendance Category colours.
  5. Toolbar customisation including colours.

Further information and free 30 day demo.

Please use our Contact Us form to request further information or you can download a free 30 day demo.
The 30 day demo is completely unrestricted and has all the same features and functionality as the full version.

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