Company Management and Details.

Quick Personnel allows you store details for an unlimited amount of Companies. Each Company can have an unlimited amount of Employees/Staff Members.
The main areas of the Company management Screen are set out below and once again everything that you need to Manage your Companies is all in one place.

  • Basic Overview.
  • Adding and Updating Companies.
  • Assigning Holidays.
  • Importing and Updating Employees.

Basic Overview:

The Companies Screen can be broken down in to 2 main parts. The left side holds the list of Companies that are currently setup within Quick Personnel along with a Group value. In the screen shot (fig.1) We have 2 Groups "RMA Group" and "TSA Group", the "RMA Group" is the one that is currently selected and this is showing 2 Companies.
Each Company can have a number of details stored against them such as Address, Phone Numbers, Email etc. This can be seen on the right side of (fig.1).
Please see (fig.1) for all of the values that can be stored

The Main Companies Screen with everything in one place.

(fig.1) You can have unlimited Companies and each Company can have unlimited Employees/Staff Members.

Adding and Updating Companies:

Adding a Company couldn't be easier, click the Add Company Button on the toolbar and a new Company will be added. Enter the values for each of the Data Fields and then click the Update Button on the toolbar to save the details for your new Company.
Some thing to note on the Data Fields is the "Holiday Starts". This is the Month that the currently selected Companies Holiday Year starts. This reflects through out the system where the Attendance Screens are used.
Updating and Editing a Company again is very simple. Select the Company that you wish to edit/update, make the changes to the Data Fields and then click the Update Button on the toolbar.

Assigning Holidays:

Quick Personnel allows you to keep track of Holidays, Bank Holidays Absenteeism (Lateness and Illness), Training and Other. Along with the 8 user definable Attendance categories you will find our attendance system very flexible.
Again everything you need is on one screen and with a full yearly view of all Attendance and Absenteeism along with notes for each entry we feel you will have everything that you need.

The Main Employee, Staff and Personnel Screen with everything in one place.


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Importing and Updating Employees:

Our Quick Personnel software allows you to Import Employee/Staff Members from an Excel Spreadsheet. The Import works by mapping the Columns in the Excel Spreadsheet to the Data Fields within Quick Personnel. The Screen Shot below (fig.3) shows how easy the Import is to setup.

Employee, Staff and Personnel Import Screen.

(fig.3) Our Quick Personnel softwares Employee/Staff Members Import system. Click the image to see a larger version.

To configure the Import is easy and takes only a few steps once you have your Employee Data in the Excel Spreadsheet.

  • Select the Excel File using the Browse Button.
  • Select the Worksheet that you wish to Import. The right side area will be filled with the column headers that Quick Personnel finds inside your Worksheet.
  • Map your Data to the correct Quick Personnel Data Field by selecting your Data from the Dropdown Box that appears when you click a cell in the "External Data Mapping Column". As you can see from the Screen Shot the last Data we mapped was Postcode.
  • Set any Default values that you need.
  • Click the "Import Employees" Button on the toolbar.
  • Save the Import Scheme for future use. This means that next time you wish to Import you will not have to setup the Import again as it will be done for you.

Some things to note:

You can tell Quick Personnel to only Import new Employee/Staff Member records form your file. If you update existing Employee/Staff Member records then the match will be made on the Employee Number.
Selecting the "Copy Company Holidays" check box will transfer any set Holidays for the Company to the Employee. This is useful for items like Bank Holidays or Compulsory shut down etc.
The Check Boxes in the "Allow And Add To System List" if checked will allow any value that it finds in the Import to be added to the Pick List for that Data Field.

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