Employee Management Security and User Security.

Quick Personnel Software Security Model:
The security model within Quick Personnel works on a Security Level. An Employee is assigned a Security Level and every User is given a Security Level the 2 are compared to see if the User has access to the Employees details.
fig.1 below shows the Emplyees Security Level is set to "Z" which means that any User can have access to this Employees details as "Z" is the lowest Security Level. The current Employees that the User does not have the correct security level to access is shown in the rectangle box under "Locked Employees via Security".

The Main Employee, Staff and Personnel Screen showing the Employees security level.

Fig.1 The Employees security level is set to "Z" and the currently logged on User has the correct security access to view the details.

Fig.2 shows 3 Users, User TracyJones has access to any Employee who has a Security Level of Z only so any Employee that has a Security Level of A thru Y TracyJones would not have access to and the total would be shown in the "Locked Employees via Security" count.
User WillyBiggs has a security level of "W" which means he can have access to any Employee who has an assigned security level of either "W", "X", "Y" or "Z" only.
User Admin has a security level of "A" which means that this User can have access to all Employees.

As well as the security level you can restrict a User from any part of the personnel software. There is a whole list of options that you can set to make areas of the personnel software editable, readonly or not accessable. This makes the security very powerful and unique for each User.

The Main Employee, Staff and Personnel Screen with everything in one place.

Using the list on the right hand side all Employees, Staff and Personnel can be accessed from this screen. That means no having to switch between screens.

You can add as many Users to the personnel software as you have licenses for. If you are unsure how many licenses you currently have please Contact Us to assist in this information.
Another useful feature of the User Settings is the ability to Un-enable a particular User from the personnel software. This maybe due to them being on Holiday or a lengthy illness.

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