Employee Management User Defined Items.

Within the Quick Personnel Software there are several items that can be changed to better suit your business needs.
You have the ability to create 8 User defined attendance categories, 8 User defined fields and change the text of almost every field on the Employee management screens.
The items that can be change can be broken down in to 5 key areas

  • Standard Attendance Categories.
  • User Defined Attendance Categories.
  • User Defined Fields.
  • Customisable Field Labels.
  • Definable Pick Lists.

Standard Attendance Categories

The standard Attendance Categories, unlike the User Defined Attendance Categories, are fixed except for the colours used to represent them on the attendance screens. You can change the colours to what ever you like, we do recommend that you select brighter colours for the more common of the categories. You have a total of 15 colours in use for all of the Attendance Categories so it is wise to plan ahead. The colours can be changed at anytime and as needed.

The Standard Attendance Categories Configuration Screen.

Fig.1 Try to make the more common Attendance Categories brighter colours

User Defined Attendance Categories

The 8 User Defined Categories can be changed to anything that suits your Business needs. In fig.2 below its simply a case of changing the category description and the colour as needed. Some examples that our existing customers have used are Company Loan, Forklift Truck Usage (to ensure an Employee has used the Forklift for a certain amount of days a year), Bonus Tracking, Trade Counter Usage, Front Line Support as you can see there is no limit to what you can use the categories for. With the ability to hold a value against each assigned category on the attendance screens makes oue Personnel Software very powerful. Fig.3 shows how you can assign category totals per Employee for each one of the categories.

The User Defined Attendance Categories Configuration Screen.

Fig.2 Try to make the more common Attendance Categories brighter colours

User Defined Fields

The 8 User Defined Fields are there to help when you do not have anywhere to store any unique Data that the Quick Personnel Software does not already. You can configure each of the 8 User Defined Fields to hold either Text, a Date or and Email Address. The Personnel Software automatically assigns a pick box based on what you set the type of field to.
Fig.4 also shows how almost all of the existing Data Fields can have their labels changed to suit your Business needs.

The User Defined Attendance Categories Configuration Screen.


Customisable Field Labels

The Captions can be changed on the Employee Management screens, to make them more user friendly to your needs. On most of the input boxes you can change the box to another use. A simple example would be changing the Zip Code caption to say Post Code. You could if you wished change the the Internal Extension Number on the Employee Management General Details Tab to something more useful to yourselves like Nick Name or anything really.

The User Customisable Field Labels Configuration Screen.


User Definable Pick Lists

The User Definable Pick Lists are used to keep data integrity between your Users. They ensure that the same terminology is used throughout the Personnel Software. It also eliminates confusion on what sort of data should be entered in a particular field. As you can see in fig.5 there are a whole host of Pick Lists in the system. To add Items to a Pick List is simple. The Personnel Software will not let you remove an Item from a Pick List if it has been used. You can reorder the Item list so that the more common Items appear at the top.

User Definable Pick Lists.


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